what the heck should i name my new jazz band?
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help me name my indonesian-jazz-band-with-a-dj!

i know i'm not the first to ask for bandname suggestions on askmefi, and i probably wont be the last, as you guys are good at this! while i, unfortunately, *suck* at coming up with band names. and as the marketing dept for the hotel we play at is asking for a name and description by the end of the day (we started the day before yesterday) i could sure use your help! :)

the description part was easy:

"********* mixes dj beats with traditional jazz instruments and vocals to make a sophisticated urban sound thats both funky and easy on the ears."

we sound not entirely unlike united future organization, but we're a band, rather than to 2 djs sampling jazz tracks. personnel: me as the dj, a female vocalist, standup bass, piano, and a percussionist on bongos, congos and shakers.

finding a servicable-but-generic-hotel-band name isn't impossible ("bali beats quintet" is the best i've come up with so far, eh), but one day i hope to take this project to somewhat better things (jakarta jazz festival seems quite plausible for example, and we'll probably release a cd fairly soon) so i'd like to have a somewhat decent, clever, descriptive-but-not-too-obvious name.

oh! we're based in bali! and as we're playing the tourist circuit, incorporating a bali/indonesia/asian sort of theme to our name is *almost* (but not strictly) neccesary.

i know this much: it's a quintet, and if you stick "quintet" at the end of the name, everyone knows it's jazz - i'm not married to that idea, but it's a starting point anyway.
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Play Bali!
posted by troybob at 2:27 AM on July 17, 2008

Hello, Bali!
posted by troybob at 2:41 AM on July 17, 2008

DJ Urban
Beats Working
Urban Fuse
... four brain flashes is my current limit
Good luck! Are you playing in Ubud in the next couple of weeks?
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Response by poster:

ha ha, "play bali quintet" could work, theres already a store called "hello, bali" though.

keep em coming y'all! :)
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Bali Dance
Jazzonesian 5
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The Krakatoa Quints
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Response by poster:
unfortunately Djazz is taken, that's a good one. we're not playing in ubud, just jimbaran for the moment.

i'm gonna keep hitting "reload" till i head for my gig in a 10 minutes :)
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coup d'bop
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Banda Gypsies
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DJ Akarta
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or Reformasi Jazz Quintet
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I've always thought that Bintang Besar would be a good name for something. It literally means "big star" in Indonesian, but Bintang is also the name of the most popular local brand of beer, so "Bintang besar" (a large (22oz?) bottle of beer) is the standard drink order.
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Jimbaran Jazz Quintet has a nice sound to it.
Other ideas:
Bali Baluga
Bali 5
Denpasar Dainty Quintet
Bali Bali Brouhaha
Coffee Quintet

That's about all I've thought of.
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Jaya Jazz 5
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Not sure if you know this, but in Bali there are only four names. They're unisex and assigned by birth order. The firstborn is "Wayan" (pronounced "Why-yan" or Yan, for short), second is "Made" (pronounced Mah-day), third is "Nyoman" ("Nyoh-mahn" or Man for short), and fourth is "Ketut" ("Keh-tut," often elided to Tut). The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth will be another Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut and Wayan again.

I think you guys should all take one of those names as your alteregos. As for band names, here's a brainstorm:

Monkey Forest
Monkey Temple
Kuta Cowboy/s (that's what they call the male gigolos in Kuta, the touristy area)
Barong Dance
Spirit House
Funky Bat Cave (they have 'em. doesn't have to be a batman reference.)
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Response by poster:

hey, great ideas so far! i'm considering a few, but keep em coming!

Gamelan-a-ding-dong won't work really, but it made me laugh :)
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Well, Java Jazz or some version of that might be fun:

The Java Jazz Five

There's a coffee pun in there somewhere but I'll be damned if I can think of it.
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Response by poster:

"There's a coffee pun in there somewhere but I'll be damned if I can think of it."

the java od quintet?
the java jitters?

heh, on the other hand, i'm in bali, a friend of mine in a balinese punk bank has "fuck java" tatooed on his back; it's an old inter-island rivalry thing. but then again, i think everyone in the band is actually javanese.

anyway... wow! good stuff guys! i love it! my band name is in here somewhere.
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Response by poster: the bali 5! i just caught that!

blatant drug references. good or not? hmmmmm.

goddamn, you guys rock! great ideas!
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Well, if you're into drugs, you could call yourselves... Bali High.
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This doesn't have much to do with anything, but I've always thought Flimsy Pretext would be a good band name.

Maybe that's why I'm not in a band.
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Response by poster: flimsy pretext is a great name! for another band, but still.

ok, it's morning, i've thought about it, and i believe we're called "the reformasi jazz quintet"

thanks to everyone for their fantastic ideas, i really had a hard time choosing from all the great suggestions!
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i don't think the name would have to be bali-specific. A lot of famous brand in Indonesia simply plucks a random word to be their band name :P
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oopss ... should be band, not brand
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