Where can I find a book that breaks down Shakespeare plays by the characters in each scene?
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ShakespeareFilter: I'm trying to find a book--or something similar to it--that a classmate loaned to me briefly a few months back. Briefly, it had all of Shakespeare's plays with charts showing which scenes each character appeared in and the total number of lines each had. My classmate can't remember the author or title, so I'm stuck throwing this vague question out to the general public. Does anyone know where I can find something along these lines?
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Shakespeare's Characters for Students, by Catherine Dominic? Not sure about the total number of lines bit.

If that's not it, you might find what you're looking for in this bibliography.
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Maybe The Essential Shakespeare Handbook? I've looked through it at the bookstore and I know it has charts and also has the # of lines for each character data.
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Not sure if this is the same book, but it has the same information, and it's online! Shakespeare's Words, by David & Ben Crystal. Number of lines and links of characters.
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Many Eyes allows users to do really cool things with data. You can find something like what you're looking for here.
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Thanks for the help, everybody. I found what I was looking for--Casting Shakespeare's Plays: London Actors and their Roles, 1590-1642 by T.J. King. It's apparently out of print and incredibly expensive used, but I managed to find a copy in the local library. Now for the tedious part of this project...
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