Webkinz... suspended?
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Does Webkinz actually suspend accounts if one has not registered a new webkin in the past 12 months?
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Yes, kinda.

Each purchased webkinz comes with one year of service, which will run concurrently with other purchased ones you own. Think of it as the yearly registration fee.
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Thanks for bringing this up. My daughter has received her first webkin, and while she's not old enough to use a computer yet, she and I will not be caught off-guard at some future date when she's registered one, then everything disappears a year later because I'm stingy and reluctant to purchase "services" in this fashion for my kids.
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Thanks, I know that is the stated policy. A young friend of mine, with 7, 8 (9, 10?) of these things has just received a notice that her time is up in 30 days. I was wondering if they REALLY pull the trigger.
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Yep. My daughter was recently locked out. She spent a while getting into Bella Sara and that sort of thing and when she came back, her account didn't work. It pissed her off enough she decided not to register her newest one.
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