I want to purchase a domain and be protected.
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I want to buy a domain, I have agreed on the price with the seller. What's next?

The mechanics are easy enough, domain transfer request on my end, acceptance on the sellers etc. - but what about the money? We don't know each other at all. Is a site like escrow.com worthwhile to protect both of us? Any advice on what has worked for you in the past?
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Not trying to be snarky at all, but:

Obviously whether escrow.com is "worthwhile" depends on the dollar amount involved...
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Businesses sign a contract for sale prior to transferring assets. That way, if anyone welches you can sue them more easily.
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Response by poster: Hmm, worthwhile might be a bad choice of words. If you used the service, was it acceptable? Obviously these services exist, I just wanted to know the legitimacy of the offerings since I've never used one.
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FWIW, our company used Escrow.com when purchasing a domain name this year from an individual, and the service worked exactly as promised with no hitches.
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Seconding the contract first. Whether you also use escrow.com or some other service comes after that.
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I used escrow.com for a domain transfer. Easy.
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