Which episodes are on which DVD?
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I watch most of my TeeVee on Netflix. Is there a site somewhere which indicate which episodes are on which DVD in the series?

I'd like to know, for example, which DVD in a series contains episodes 7-9. I realize it's possible to guess, but sometimes they change the number of episodes on a disc and throw you off.

Incidentally, I realize this is a banal and fussy question, and that it makes me the online equivalent of one of the bloated future humans in Wall-e.
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Try epguides.com.

They list over 3900 television shows with detailed episode information.
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Dig around in NetFlix -- once you get to the series page you can click to see what is on each disc.

Also seconding epguides.com
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Ok, so I go to Netflix and click on season six.

I still can't figure out which DVD in the series (1-4) contains, say, episode 88. There are 16 episodes, so presumably there are four episodes per disc, but sometimes bonus materials or other factors lead to slight changes; i.e. disc one could have 1-3, disc two could contain 4-9, etc., causing me to waste a rental when I've watched a streaming episode or two elsewhere.

Am I being totally confusing? Because it won't be the first time, so don't worry about hurting my feelings and saying, "what are you talking about?"
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Click on the link on the left-hand side of the page that says "See Series Details".
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Egads, I searched seemingly the whole of the internets for this information because I didn't see that very subtle link (which I think I assumed was just a redundant link to the same info on the "details" side.) Thanks.
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mecran, after you click on the series details link, the info appears in the main area on the right. Yeah, I missed that the first time, too.
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Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed that link.
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You can also use Wikipedia. Type the name of the series and the word "episodes" to see all episodes broken down in order by season. For example, simpsons episodes. The amount of info listed varies by the show but it's usually very detailed.
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