How to Covert inactive locksets into active locksets?
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How difficult is it to convert an 'inactive' lockset to an active lockset.

I have a set of double doors that has an 'inactive lockset'. Basically it's got two sets of doorknobs that don't do anything. How difficult is it to convert these doors to an active lockset so I can close and lock these doors? They don't need to be secured like Fort Knox but it would be nice if they could be closed and locked if need be. I realize this will involve some drilling/boring as the doors are not bored for a lockset like typical doors.
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A quick google search on "inactive lockset" will show a few pages that describe how best to go about this. To paraphrase one of those pages, if your set of double doors does not have a center column you will need to install vertical bolts on one door and replace one of the doorknobs with a lockset. None of this is particularly difficult or expensive but it does require tools. Just go to a hardware store and ask the clerk what hardware to buy and what tools you will need to install that hardware. The lockset will come with a paper template to help you line everything up correctly. It should take you less than an hour.
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