day trip from saint louis
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day trip from Saint Louis?

In Saint Louis tomorrow and Saturday -- can take a day off and get a car and go somewhere, but where, to see what?

Memphis is great, but 4 hours away. Ideally, I'd like to see something quirky, interesting, fun, etc, within 2 hours of central SL.

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If you like wine, Hermann, MO is a must.
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At least one of your days, stay in the city and go to the City Museum.

For your day trip, you should also consider Augusta in addition to Hermann. Meramac Caverns is pretty kitschy, but I think it's a ton of fun. (Warning: link autoplays a rather loud Flash video.)
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+1 for the City Museum. It satisfies all of your requirements, and it totally awesome to boot.
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I agree that Hermann is great (moreso if you like wine). Take the Stone Hill tour and eat at the Vintage restaurant afterwards. The Adam Puchta winery is good, too, as is the new microbrewery in Hermann. Hermanhoff Winery is only ok.

There is also a really neat little museum in the old schoolhouse in Hermann. It is definitely worth a visit, too. The clocktower on top has been running continuously since the late 1800s, except for one day when it had to be cleaned.

And yes, The City Museum is just something you have to see once. It is like nothing else! It epitomizes "quirky, interesting and fun."

You may also like the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, Laumeier Scultpure Park, or the World Bird Sanctuary just west of St. Louis.
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I agree with the City Museum too. That place is just amazing.
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Nthing the City Museum. I moved away from the Lou about three years ago and it's the one place that I miss more than any other. We also have a world class (and free to boot) zoo and art musuem a stones throw from each other in Forest Park. Lots of good stuff there.
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