Implementing a .PDF file that can be edited by multiple users?
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What's the easiest way to implement a .PDF file that can be edited by multiple users (Mac and Windows)? (more inside)

I do graphic design freelance work at home. Most of my work comes from one company, in the form of label design. The label information comes from different departments at different points in time. I would like to set up a master file that the individual departments can edit and "sign off" on as they provide their respective "final" information. Ideally the only editable area would be a blank space next to the line item such as "SKU: ________". It would also be swell if a time stamp would state when the line item was last changed (and by which user). I would like to place the files on their FTP site so both platforms can get to it and do their edits. Any advice?
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You cannot edit a PDF without the full-blown version of Acrobat. Even then, without tools like pitstop, your editing choices are relatively limited.

I think what you want is a check-out / check-in change-tracking system. The full version of Acrobat 6 allows you to send out a proof, then have people mark it up with all sorts of notes/corrections - but they don't all have to send you back immense PDFs - the system automagically composites a single "proofed" PDF for you with all the changes color-coded and marked by whoever made what correction. it's a wonderful tool actually and saves many, many, many hours. And it works through acrobat on their system - no FTP needed. And it's mac and PC compatible.
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