Help me with a horror novel title.
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What's-the-title-of-this-book-Filter: I read a review of this novel but can't remember the title or the author.

Here's what I - vaguely - remember: a female author released a novel within the last 2 (3?) years, perhaps even more recently. It's a kind of horror novel, I believe, but the author is known for more non-genre fiction. It has something to do with a haunted house or castle, perhaps in England or elsewhere in Europe; I think the book cover had a photo of a gothic-looking castle. It had a really positive review in a major newspaper (NYT?) She's British or American. Again, I think. Ring a bell with anyone?

On preview, now that I think of it, the author could be a man. Just to make things more difficult.
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Not an author of any previous books, but you you're not thinking of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian...?
posted by hatmandu at 12:42 AM on July 9, 2008

Best answer: Is it The Keep by Jennifer Egan?
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Response by poster: lemuria, you nailed it, that's the one! thanks.
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