Tell me about cross-platform AIM encryption
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Tell me how to enable video encryption between iChat on Leopard and AIM on Windows XP.

The iChat version is 4.0.5 (the latest, included with Leopard), and AIM version 5.9 on Windows XP (6.8 is not compatible with Mac video chat). Although Skype or another program would be acceptable (I've heard that Skype supports video encryption, even across platforms), staying with AIM would be definitely preferable by far because of its better connection quality.

I have checked out some options including Off the Record encryption, and I know that if all parties are using iChat you can encrypt everything through Apple's now-renamed .Mac. Outlays for new computers aren't an option, however, and I'm trying to find cross-platform solutions that aren't snake oil (*cough* Trillian *cough*). I don't mind solutions that are tricky to set up, especially if most of the complications are one-time setup issues.

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I have not tried this but it might do what you want: Zfone.

"Zfone runs on Windows XP and Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Zfone will encrypt audio and video for Apple iChat calls on Mac OS X. Zfone has been tested with these VoIP clients: X-Lite, Gizmo, XMeeting, Google Talk VoIP client, and SJphone. It does not work with Skype."

Doesn't say if it encrypts Ichat to AIM.

Is there a problem with Skype's built in security?

"Secure communication is a feature of Skype; encryption cannot be disabled, and is invisible to the user. Skype reportedly uses non-proprietary, widely trusted encryption techniques: RSA for key negotiation and the Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt conversations."
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