How to compress a bunch of folders to their own zip file?
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Is there an automated script or program to create a separate zip file for each directory?

I have around 100 folders within "C:\Projects", and I would like to take each of those folders, and compress them into their own zip file:


C:\Projects\Folder1\ -> C:\Projects\

The folder's are all different names, so I can't make an easy loop script (i.e. loop from Folder1 to Folder100)

Is there an automated script, or program that I can just select the root directory (C:\Projects), and it will loop through and convert all the directories for me without me having to manually select or type out all the directory names?
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Xplorer2 will do this via the Tools | Command Script menu.

Highlight all the thing you'd like to zip, Tools | Command Script | "zip $N" and you're good to go. (or whatever command-line compression utility you'd like to use...)
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Works perfect. Thanks!
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Total Commander will also do this.
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I guess this is solved, but you can also use the command prompt to do this:

for /D %i IN (c:\project\*) do zip %i
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