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My friend remembers a movie he's seen about a large man who can sing just like Patsy Cline, and who amazes people with his imitation of her...but hours of Googling has come up with nothing. Can anyone remember this? He knows he saw it on either IFC or the Sundance channel, but searching those sites hasn't worked either.
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Might he be thinking of 'Billy's Holiday', perhaps? It's an Australian film, about a man who can sing like Billie Holiday (rather than Cline)... but otherwise, sounds like a similar premise.
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There's a hilarious audiofile out there from This American Life where David Sedaris sings the Oscar Meyer Weiner song in a voice that is spot on for Billie Holiday. It is freakish! (Not a film, though.)

The film you describe sounds familiar, though, but I thought the person who could imitate the famous voice was an adolescent rather than an adult. Maybe try going to Netflix and searching their Independent film category?
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I think onlyconnect is thinking of "Little Voice", which was an English film from a few years ago starring Michael Caine, Ewan McGregor, and Jane Horrocks as the titular character. Little Voice was able to mimic all the old jazz and torch singers. (It's a real talent of Horrocks's; that's why they wrote the film for her.) I don't think that's what icetaco is looking for though...
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I bet it's Sedaris. His Billie Holliday impression is a riot.

You should be able to find it here.
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Little Voice is a great film, IMO. BTW. Good fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the suggestions; Billy's Holiday may be it, and I've forwarded it to my friend. We had also been talking about Little Voice, one of my favorite movies, and yes, everyone needs to go out and rent it. Who knew Bubble could sing??
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