Bleach marks on sofa?
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Upholstory: a new sofa my girlfriend and I bought about three weeks ago seems to have gotten 'bleached' by small -- really, very, incredibly small -- quantities of water. Is this normal? Is there anything we can do about it? {MI}

So, we bought a nice sofa on sale from Crate & Barrel. Over the last few weeks we've noticed what look like bleach stains appearing on the cushions. Today we figured out that they're caused by water -- for instance, if you come out of the shower and rest your head on one of the cushions, even for a moment, a stain will result. These stains change the color of our sofa from a pleasant, neutral beige to a hideous, peachy orange!

The folks at C&B claim that the care instructions for the sofa said not to use 'water-based cleaning products,' and that we should've been on notice thereby that water could ruin the sofa. I say that this is ridiculous, because we've been using the sofa in a completely normal way; it is out of the bounds of reasonable expectation that small quantities of water can ruin a sofa. Certainly, large quantities of water cause water stains; small quantities of water, however, do not usually bleach fabric (right?). Furthermore, the sofa itself is stain-free; only the cushions are weird. To me, this spells "defective cushions."

Any knowledgeable MeFites know anything about upholstery or stains? Is this actually normal? Can it be undone?
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You didn't mention the type of material the sofa's upholstered with.
If it's suede, here's some useful advice, courtesy of TipKing.
For poly/fiber blends and leather, a bit of XENIT is said to help,
though I'd check HowToCleanAnything's site first.
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Hi :) Depending on the amount of minerals and what kind in your water, water can CERTAINLY "discolor" your upholstery.

Especially if your couch is in a sunny part of your home.

I *think* it's the alkaline content, but I am not SURE on that part. It could be really anything.

Also, you cannot "clean" that out. The upholstery has been discolored.

Also see here: for another list of stuff that causes this kind of damage.

Here's one last link for stain removal from fabric, which mentions water spots, but I am thinking that this is not the same thing - but just in case:

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