How to find a good ottoman/end table combo?
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Where can I find a nesting end table/ottoman combination in a dark wood?

I've got a beautiful living room with mahogany bookshelves, antique trunk coffee table, and a sepia globe. Its quite nice, but my antique trunk is too tall to rest my feet on while sitting on the couch, so I'm looking for ottomans that will hide away easily, so as to not clutter my room. What I'd really like are some basic end tables, y'know, with four legs and a top, and ottomans that will fit underneath them.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find attractive, non ornate end tables. I prefer square/rectangular legs to anything round. I just want a super basic end table that will fit an ottoman underneath it.

Any ideas?
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Hard to picture exactly what you're looking for with no picture for sense of specific style, scale, or price range. These sound like they could work:
Dark wood coffee tables with square details
Hybrid coffee table/ottomans

Shopstyle is the mother of all aggregators, AFAIK. See their Coffee tables, ottomans. Their selection is heavily edited for style (read: all fashionable right! now!), which currently means lots of curvy lines. But there are definitely options there, and it'll give you a good sense for what's in stores.

May be worth noting that Scandinavian furniture tends to rely on straight lines quite a bit. Some samples here.

Or you could always find a carpenter in your area and get something made custom. Sounds like what you want is relatively simple and straight-forward. You might be able to find someone who's learning to be a carpenter to give you a great price.
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I've not seen any pre-matched combos of an end table and ottoman, but you could always find the ottoman first, then fit the table around it. Room and Board will let you design your own parsons-style table to any dimensions you like, with a wide variety of tabletop options (woods, stone, glass, etc.). Their stuff is quite good quality, in my experience, and reasonably priced.
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End tables...
You could use a single nesting table.
Espresso finish.
South American hardwood and anodized aluminum
This one could be painted.
Perhaps a stool?
Walnut with removable top.

Leather cubes.
These leather ottomans are hand-stitched in Marrakech and I want one so bad.
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