Business went under... how do I get driver support?
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I have a wireless internet adapter that I transferred to a new desktop computer, and I don't have the CD with the driver on it anymore. Also, it looks like the original company is no longer in business, so I'm unable to download it from their site. Is there a way to make this work?

This is the adapter that I purchased. Is there a way to get the original driver, or find one that is compatible? I've searched some sites that host old drivers, but to no avail.
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Check this out... most cards use a common chipset.

It appears that this may be compatible with the D-Link 520.
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Assuming windows XP... Try here.

If you go up a directory level you can find other versions and support for another OS, etc.
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More info, it specifically uses the Atheros AR5211 chipset.

There may be some driver links here - but I would never recomend downloading a package from an unknown source (ie - only get something from D-Link or Atheros directly.)
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This card seems to use an Atheros ar5211 chipset. The driver for this chipset is here -- the download link is hidden under the graphic of a box with an arrow diving into it, about two-thirds of the way down. (I assume you are running this under Windows?).
This will only provide a driver -- you will still need some network config. software. Hopefully, the Windows default wireless communication setup will work, once you have the driver.
Good luck!
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If you do download any of the drivers listed above, please please please first scan them for viruses and malware.
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Response by poster: That's exactly the help I was looking for. Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: For what it's worth the original download page you would be looking for is cached on here, but the downloads don't work and I can't find any mirrors for the original downloads going by the filenames I can find there.
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Response by poster: Wow, reptile, those links totally worked for me. I was able to download the driver, network configuration software, and even the original manual. I never would have thought to check a two year old cache of the webpage.
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