Can Kegels Exercises Help a Rectal Prolapse?
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Has anyone out there got a prolapse of the rectal lining or sagging pelvic floor that causes a pressure feeling all the time like you need to empty bowels, and you cannot distinquish whether its pressure only or a need to evacuate? Do you know if kegel exercises are any good for this condition, or what would help while I'm waiting for treatment? Thank you very much.
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It makes quite a difference whether you are talking about rectal mucosal prolapse (where the lining of the rectum bulges out of the anus), or rectocele (where the rectum bulges forward making a lump in the vagina) They can both cause tenesmus.

I don't specifically know of any studies showing benefit from pelvic floor muscle training / kegels for rectal mucosal prolapse, and I couldn't find any looking briefly just now on PubMed.

Pelvic floor training can however (probably) improve the sensation from a rectocele, although I don't believe it can really be curative.

If you are going to start, it should probably be supervised by a specialist physio. Doing pelvic floor training wrong can put extra strain on a prolapse.
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I think it would be a really good idea to speak with a specialist about what you can do while you are waiting. But, that said, my friend dealt with a lot of pelvic floor problems after childbirth and she probably knows everything there is to know about related exercises- if you want I can talk to her and email you. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
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