DIY Transflective Panel?
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Where can I find reasonably priced transflecive displays and laptops? Can I DIY and modify a panel myself?

I'm building an outdoor office due to flourescent lighting induced fatigue. I have problems with CRTs as well. I need a reasonably priced transflective/reflective display or, better yet, a laptop with a transflective display. Is it possible to remove or augment the backlight of an ordinary LCD panel?
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It is possible to remove the backlight from an lcd. Here is an article from Popular Science on how to build a projector for a backyard theatre that relies on doing just that.

I suppose if you could build some kind of retroreflector and combined it with a photosensitive diode and a controller circuit it might be possible. The articles/reviews I read on laptops with trnsflective scrrens didn'r seem to impressed by them so I am not convinced about how trult feasible it is to DIY one. One review did suggest he had a cheap and effective alternative -- an old Mac laptop with a black and white screen.
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