Is there a movie review site that incorporates the Bechdel Test?
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Is there a movie review site out there somewhere that regularly applies the Bechdel Test as part of its reviews?

After a bit of hunting, I can't find a movie review site that regularly includes information on whether the movies pass the Bechdel Test. I'd like to find such a site. In an ideal world it would review both current movies and older ones, but current releases only would be fine.

Is there a semi-regularly updated movie review site out there somewhere that my Google searches are failing to turn up?
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I read a ton of movie sites and feminist sites, but I can't actually think of any that does that. But, trying for partial credit, Pandagon does movie reviews pretty regularly and well -- Amanda, who runs the site, is a feminist but she loves movies so the reviews tend to not just be a catalogue of how the partriarchy is indoctrinating us through corporate media -- and refers to the Bechdel test often. It is honestly the closest thing I can think of.

Someone should totally do this though! (Hmmm.)
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I don't know any movie review sites, but I just noticed that the comic book reviews at apply the Bechdel Test.
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Thanks, all. I'm a comic geek too (obviously), so those reviews will at least make me happy. At least until I can't read them any more because waste all my time starting up this movie review site I want, since it doesn't seem to exist already.
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I realize it's months later, but for posterity, I just came across this site, which doesn't have reviews, but does at least have a list that is currently being updated!
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