How much can jogging affect the healing of a shoulder injury?
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How much can jogging affect the healing of a shoulder injury?

Hi all.. I've recently started jogging, and was really pleased after a few weeks to be able to go 8kms non-stop. Good momentum, and I've been sleeping better,my confidence is boosted, and stress is down. (and I really need those these days being suddenly single).

I accedently tripped and popped my shoulder out a few days ago. It was the third time it's come out, and physio just wasn't enough to stabilize it. A barrage of tests yesterday revealed a chipped shoulder joint, and a decent bankart leasion . I have an appointment with a surgion in a couple of weeks, and am looking at surgery this fall.

anyway, right now my arm is in a sling, and the torn muscles need to heal.
I can't wait to jog again.
I get the feeling that jogging is a lot more arm-intensive then it would appear.. bouncing, swinging.. all that might be a hidden for healing rotator cuffs.

Thoughts on the matter?
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It can fuck up your shoulder really bad. Don't do it. Use a stationary bike or something like that for your cardio.
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When I don't keep my hands, arms, shoulders loose during a run I get intense pain in my shoulders. They were absorbing every hit of every footstep. Now even when I remember to keep my arms loose I can still feel some stress in my shoulders. I understand that you want to keep running, it is very addictive and a great form of exercise, BUT I wouldn't risk hurting yourself over it.

Good luck.
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When I jog and swim on the same days, my shoulder *crick*s on every downhill. (the swimming loosens up all the tendons that keep the shoulder tight.) Anecdotal evidence that if your should needs to be immobilized, you oughtn't run.
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Yeah, yeah, WANAD, but I would think it was weigh on your shoulder heavily. When you hit the ground, you do it was a great deal of force. Heck, you may find out that you can't run at your general pace anyway.

Why not call your orthopedic and ask? I think you know the answer, though. :-(
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Honestly, all great answers. Thanks so much for your feedback.
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I experienced an identical situation last summer: a shoulder dislocation/Bankart lesion that required arthroscopic surgery to reattach the labrum, coupled with a strong desire to keep running. The other posters are correct: if in doubt, don't run, and only do so once cleared by your doctors. Running indeed can delay recovery from this injury.

My injury took place last August. I was able to run without undue pain, discomfort or risking additional damage to the shoulder after about a month. The important caveat is that I cleared this schedule with my orthopedic surgeon.

After my surgery in early November, I was unable to resume running for about 2.5 months. I began again in late January and actually completed a marathon in mid-May.

I hasten to state again that my post-op activities were under the supervision of both a physical therapist and my orthopedic surgeon, who both strictly regulated my recovery. You'll find the 8-10 weeks after the surgery very difficult for even routine activities. I was eased into running, too, and did not begin intensive running until March.

Good luck with your recovery.
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