Lightweight MP3 app for OSX?
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Looking for a lightweight MP3 app for OS X, any suggestions?

I'm looking for something, preferably free, to preview MP3s in OS X in a way they don't automatically get dumped into iTunes. And before you jump on VLC, no. Nothing wrong with VLC, it's just not the droid I'm looking for. While we're at it, anyone know of any good ID3 editors for OSX? Bonus points if these two apps are the same but not necessary.

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Are you using OS X 10.4 or 10.5? You know you can just preview in the finder?
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You're not using Leopard, are you? Cause a hit of the spacebar will launch Quick Look, and let you preview them quickly. If not, I used to use Quicktime.

Sorry, no help with the ID3 editor though. Good luck!
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I actually just switched my default MP3 player to Quicktime. It's on my Mac and it skips adding MP3s I just want to hear once to my iTunes library.

For ID3 tags I use EasyTAG. Lightweight and simple yet robust.
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Songbird is anything but lightweight.
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Cog fits my lightweight MP3 player needs.

As for ID3 Tags, EasyTag is great. I've gotten used to using iTunes, but before that I always used EasyTag.
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To set the default player for MP3's to Quicktime, just select an mp3 in the finder, and hit apple-I (get info). In the "open with" popup, choose Quicktime, then just below that hit the "change all" button. Now you can just double-click on any mp3 and a nice little player window will open up without booting iTunes at all.
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In the Finder, choose "as Columns" from the View menu.

Then, whenever you select an MP3 in the Finder, you can play it directly from the preview pane at the far right. Tiger gives you a standard little QuickTime-style play bar; in Leopard you click the square album icon to play.
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Without having to install any apps -

Quicklook (Leopard), 3 pane Finder view, Finder Get info
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Designbot has my fave way to preview music or videos in OSX. No need to change the associated app (i.e. iTunes)
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Drag it to quicktime. Quicktime plays MP3s without a problem. Zero weight. Drag and drop.
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I use Play and I love it. It comes with instant integration, which is a bonus. If you want a lightweight encoder to go with it, try Max.
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