Mac OSX shareware application to catalog my video collection?
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A Mac OS X shareware app to catalog my home-taped video collection (on actual tape, not stored digitally) is surprisingly hard to find...

...there are classic apps, there are apps to catalog a collection of pre-recorded tapes/DVDs etc. but I want something that will help me keep track of what programme, what time code & on what tape all of the random stuff I've recorded over the years is.
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Maybe you'd want to just pick up something like FileMaker and roll your own. If you're very picky about the criteria and fields in your database, there's no substitute for DIY. I often find myself banging up against the limitations of shareware database programs before I can even get started.

And FileMaker isn't hard to use -- yes, it can get complex if you want it to, but out-of-the-box you're basically just typing in the Names of the fields you want and it makes layouts for you that allow searching, sorting, printing, etc. Very handy and flexible.
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Response by poster: FM was always the standby...looks I'm constructing...
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