Backup web interface?
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I recently got a new web host that I'm going to use for backup and I'm looking for a free AJAX web interface / CMS to manipulate files online. See inside...

Essentially I'm trying to create my own hosted version of an online backup service like Dropbox or Mozy. I found a cheap host that gives me a lot of bandwidth/storage and I'd like to find a good web interface that I can use to access and manipulate my files when I'm not at home. Does anyone know of an open-source (or otherwise free) CMS that I can use for this?

Also, are there any programs (again preferably open-source) that I can download to regularly back up files to my server? I use Windows, OSX, and Linux. For Linux and OSX I know I can use a variant of Rsync, but I'm at a loss for Windows.
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No suggestions, but just a reminder to be careful when doing this. Using a hosting service as a file backup is generally forbidden in most hosts' TOS. If they find you doing this, they could turn off your service and you'd lose those files.
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Ah, that's a good thing to know. I've got a business hosting account that allows you to set up things like file servers and web apps, etc., so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the advice though.
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Does the host support WebDAV? I've used it in the past because integration into an OS' UI is important to me. It's not quite a CMS or AJAX, but it does store files on a web server.
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this doesn't answer your question I'm afraid but have you looked into Amazon Simple Storage? there is an app that ties in with it nicely called Jungle Disk. It's so incredibly cheap. I back up all my photography (about 30GB) and last months bill was around $10.
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I second unixrat's warning. Double-check with your ISP. Everything is okay as long as you are actually serving the files - but storing them as backup is against the TOS of most hosting companies. I know, it's ridiculous - but that's the way it is.
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If your cheap host is Dreamhost, they allow this, but they offer it as a service and charge for it. I do not know what the interface is like, though.
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