Help me return a found wallet
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A construction person outside my apartment handed me a found wallet, asking if it was mine. It wasn't, but I decided to take it upon myself to find the owner. A white pages search turns up no phone # for the owner. Is there any option other than dropping it off at his home address, which is somewhat inconvenient?
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You could just mail it to them.
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Give the wallet to the police. If the owner is looking for the wallet, he's probably already called them.
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or you could put up flyers in front of the building, and ask for them to describe the contents to get it.
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You've got two options:

1) Give it to the police/state troopers, and have them track the owner down. If they don't have any luck after 30 days, they'll likely give you the wallet. You could then elect to keep any money inside, and mail the wallet or any ID to the owner.

2) Replace the cash inside with a money order and mail the wallet (with postal insurance, naturally) back to the owner.

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Check the city directory at the public library (they will probably be willing to do this over the phone). It might have a number that isn't in the phone book. (You can usually look by address or by name).
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check the city directory at the public library

Similarly, if the person has a library card, the library will likely have contact information for the person. While they might not give you the phone number, I bet they'd be willing to make a call on your behalf.
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If you just drop the wallet in a public mailbox it will be returned to the owner. I'd maybe take the cash, write him/her a check or get a money order and mail that to her though, as already suggested.
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If you know the address, just write them a letter telling them you have their wallet and to call you so they can come pick it up.

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When this happened to me the person who found my wallet dropped it off at the nearest branch of my bank (found out, naturally, from my debit card). They contacted me. The only drag was I wasn't able to thank that person.
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We used to get things like this all the time at blockbuster if they had a blockbuster card in them, I think branches like that are usually more than happy to contact them and hold the items because it makes them look good in the eyes of the customer, and it's so easy.
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Does it say "Bad Motherfucker" on it?
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