Help me plan a European relocation?
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European relocation: I've been asked to help plan a friend's relocation from Switzerland to Norway.

She wanted to do this herself by taking the seats out of a VW Caravelle and packing it up with her bicycle and personal effects (no large pieces of furniture are involved). I can't help but thinking that it would be cheaper and easier to have a company move her effects for her. It would save her driving nearly 3000km (that figure is for both ways) and is a safer option than having all the goods in the back of a car ready to fly forward in the event of an accident.

But has anybody made such a move? Was it easy? Was it a long time before the goods arrived? Was it expensive? Does it become more or less cost effective if you have loads of stuff vs. a lesser amount of personal effects?

And perhaps most importantly - can anyone recommend a firm we can use??

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Neither Switzerland or Norway belong to the EU so you will have customs issues leaving Switzerland and entering Norway. Best to leave it to professionals.
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Where is she from? Which passport does she have? If not European, does she have recident permit in either country?
Anyway, Norway belongs to the Schengen Agreement, which means as long as she gets out of Switzerland, she can move freely between the member countries. I have lots of students coming from all over Europe to Norway with lots of gear in their cars, and I have never heard any complaints about border crossings or trigger happy customs personel. On other hand I have heard lots of complaints about sending things, both expences and time.
I've sent stuff beteen various counties to Norway on some occasions though. You can send it by cargo on planes, which is fast, but rather expensive
If you want to send them by moving truck (or some company) you usually have to wait until the truck is filled, and that can take a lot of time, at least it did when I did it.
So I'd say go for the car.
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