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Looking for a perfect luxurious spot to stay in the Tuscan countryside. Should I be looking in Northern or Southern Tuscany?

I have spent hours searching for the perfect luxurious Tuscan lodging for 4 nights in September. We are not looking to rent a whole villa, just a room in the Tuscan countryside. So far, I have been limiting my search to the Chianti region, why? I confess, I have this romantic notion about it because I just love Chianti Classico wine. But not finding exactly what I am looking for, I am starting to wonder if southern Tuscany would be a better choice (Montulpuciano region). We are willing to spend around $500/night, no more than $600 USD. So many of the pictures I've seen of supposed 4 star hotels remind me of Old People's Homes (I am not looking for a contemporary look, I love the antiques, the properties just seem so shabby and some of them so 1950's!) Any reccomendations of hotels or thoughts on north versus south tuscany would be greatly appreciated.
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I stayed for a few nights at the Villa Delia (did not do the cooking school). Friends and I took over two rooms - the food was amazing. Tennis courts and a pool. Even though it was at full occupancy, we didn't see anyone except for dinner time. Someone had to physically put me in the car when we were leaving. I may have been in tears. I still dream about it.
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I moved from Florence to northern Tuscany a little more than a year ago and am happy with it. The small town I live in has pretty much everything, fields, hills and forests are luscious this time of the year and there's every kind of activity available within a few miles including a lake, an airfield, a golf course, a designer outlet and an international race track.

The area is called Mugello and is a) going to be the next Chianti, in my opinion, and b) much, much cheaper than Chianti itself.

Pretty much every part of Tuscany is valuable in its own respect, though, so it's not easy to recommend this or that place. Do you have preferences? (ie: by the sea, hills, near art cities, places you'll be visiting, activities you'll want to do).

Other (often overlooked) areas that spring to mind might be - for instance - the surroundings of Lucca, or the Certaldo area, sw of Florence.
And the Chiusi/Montepulciano/Pienza area is great - did you already check Bagno Vignoni?
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Try Palazzone, not too far from the border of Umbria.
This place is great.
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My girlfriend lives in Cetona. While the house was being built, we stayed at a really nice villa in Montepulciano- Cicolina, I think it was called. The train stop is Chiusi. And we've been to Bagno Vignoni. So I second that.
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I loved Lucca and Bagni de Lucca (a small market town/village north east of Lucca). We spent some tint little place called San Gemignano, just outside Bagni De Lucca, which was just amazing. We rented out a beautiful house, one of about 15-20 in the village. There was a beautiful clear stream to swim in, a baker, a "village square"... and that's it. All the locals would come out into the square at night and drink and gossip, and were really welcoming.

It's a great way to see "the real Tuscany" (ughh, sorry, I know that sounds terrible), and even if you think it's not what you're after for most of your trip, I reckon it's definitely worth doing for at least a few days.
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