we need our google maps
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We are having Issues with IE6 and google maps not playing nice. it sits on loading.

Where the picture is supposed to be, it just says loading. Works fine on IE7. and Firefox. some users can't use these browsers do to government programming. anything I found with Google was for programming API pages. Any help would be appreciated. the page says there is an error in the bottom bar. One error says it expected a ":" the next error says object expected. All the latest windows updates were applied. And newest version of java install. I figure other people out there may be having the same issue. It has become quite common this week. Thanks again for your time.
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What plugins have you installed recently? I had a similar problem and found that disabling the Skype plugin brought Google maps back into action. I'm not savvy enough to tell you how or why this worked, but it did.
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skype is not installed on any of the machines with this issue. so unfortunately that isn't the issue.
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Is this going to maps.google.com or a page with the google map embedded? If you go to any other web site that embeds a google map does it work?
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IE6 on a government system (Minneapolis VAMC) works fine for me. How are the systems set up? Networked (running off of a single image), or individual installs? Sounds like something is not right; if it's on a networked install it would explain why many systems have failed at once. In either case sounds like the IT people need to check the master machine or do repair installs on the broken ones (if you are the IT person, that's not so good - otherwise it is out of your hands!)
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(Should say: Google Maps specifically works fine on the VA terminal I have access to)
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so it is on a network. but FF works fine, so it doesn't seem to be a network issue. it is specific to some machines with IE6. both maps.google.com and something like www.crimemapping.com don't work. where the image should be it just says loading. it works fine on many machines around here. some machines it does not. these machines were not imaged or anything. things were installed individually.
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You need to figure out what add-ins you have on those IE6 installs. Disable them all first and see if it works.
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i went in and disabled all add-ins. it did not fix the problem.
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Did you also uninstall all toolbars and anything else that interacts with IE? Other culprits are spyware scanners, virus scanners, 3rd party pop-up blockers, etc.

Did you reset all internet explorer settings?

Did you delete all cookies and temp files?

If so then you may need to get your XP disc and do a sfc /scannow

or this:

1. Click Start, click Run, type %systemroot%\inf, and then press Enter.
2. Find the Ie.inf file that is located in Windows\Inf folder.
3. Right-click the Ie.inf file, and then click Install.
4. Restart the computer when the file copy process is complete.
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i guess I cleared everything out but cookies. and i removed the google tool bar. things finally work on one machine. will have to test out some others now. thanks for your help.
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i meant that previously i cleard all temp files but cookies. the cookies might have done it. the toolbar didn't on its own.
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Youre welcome. Id also verify that they have the newest version of the google toolbar (or any toolbar). Google doesn't release what it fixes in its updates, but I certainly have seen older verions of that thing cause a lot of trouble.
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