Syncing a PalmV with Outlook?
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Palm V and Hot Synching help - We can't get an old PalmV to synch without look instead of the Palm Desktop. More Inside...

Damn, it shouldn't be "without look". It should say "with Outlook".

So, the original software got uninstalled for this Palm V and I downloaded the software from Palm's website. Now, it will only synch with the Palm Desktop, that doesn't have any contacts in it. I can't find any settings that will let me tell it to synch with Outlook 2000 instead. Palm's website tells me that I need the original CD, but, she can't find the original CD. Tech support won't email me back for upto 12 hours and the phone tech support wants to charge me $25 to probably just tell me I am hosed. The person in question is leaving for Chile tomorrow and needs to take her Outlook contacts with her.

Has anyone run into this problem? So far Palm's website and Google haven't been much help. Thanks for your help.
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In addition to the Palm software you need a program called Pocketmirror. I'm not sure if it's a free download or what, but you should be able to Google it. I don't remember if Palm V came with it out of the box.
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Far as I know, a Palm V won't sync with Outlook out of the box. As bondcliff mentions, you need third party software. I would suggest you go to and do a search for Outlook. You'll probably find various programs of various prices with various features. Hopefully one is free.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. It looks like we're pretty much hosed unless we pony up the $50 for the Pocket Mirror. I'll keep looking though. Any additional advice appreciated.
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Outlook conduits are all third party software. However, 99% of Palm Vs sold at retail came bundled with Pocketmirror. This means that if you can find your old installation CDs, you should find the old version of the conduit.
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I did this complicated thing where I synched my contacts to Yahoo and then from Yahoo to the Palm. I found the steps through google. It was free.
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Tim: I sent an email to the address in your profile, but haven't heard back.

Let me know if you still need help -- my profile address is current.
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Response by poster: Hey Steve I dropped you an email this morning. I was away from the computer. Email me again if you didn't get it.
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