Artsy like Moo, but more American?
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I'm looking for a source of "artsy" modern postcards, preferably via web. Graffiti-styled, abstract, you name it. It just has to be visually interesting and around $1 per card.

I've tried and they have lots of interesting stuff, but their international shipping rates (they're in London, I'm in the US) are brutal. And Esty is neat, but their interface makes it really hard to find the gems buried among the not-so-gems. Any ideas for things that look like Moo but are a little more US-based (or at least US-friendly)?

I'd also like to respect original artists as much as possible and patronize sites that actually license their artwork from the artists. Much obliged.
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Archie McPhee and MOMA have fun postcards. You might try other art museum stores, too.
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here's one that may be a jumping off point. it's not exclusively modern, but you might find a few you like.

also, fireworks gallery has a good selection, but i can't find any in the web store.

barnes and noble and borders usually have racks from which most anyone can find something of their liking.

(on preview: mcphee is pretty much postcard mecca, though to get the full/best selection you really have to go into the store.)
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Pomegranate has a lot of arty postcards. Crumb, impressionists, people I haven't yet heard of like Glen Baxter and Ann Telnaes. Arty cats. Romare Bearden. Many, many more. A lot of books of postcards (read: perforations on one edge - you can easily trim them off, and they're not that bad).
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Another option is to make your own of local graffiti and print on a postcard printer. HP, Canon, Epson, and others make small printers that come with postcard paper.
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Very cool, thanks to all. I'll update if I come across anything else cool.
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One more update -- Last Gasp seems to have some great web-available postcard books, from Crumb to Japanese comics.
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Thanks to amtho -- the Pomegranate postcard blowout sale hit a lot of gold for $0.20 a card.
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