I want the hair of a hiphopapotomus
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I want my hair to look like Jemaine Celemnt's. How do I do this?

All right, so, this is the first decent haircut I think I can pull off. Normally, I just go with longer on the top, shorter on the sides. Typical barbershop cut. My head is large and kind of like a rectangularish block, but it looks like this dude's head is the same, we even have the same face shape to some extent.

So, I'm growing it out, but, uh, what else do I do? This is new territory for me.
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Is your hair straight or wavy? If it's straight, it will never look like his hair. It's just a fact of life that straight-haired people have to accept. (My brother, also having straight hair, went through agony in high school trying to make his hair look like a classmate's; classmate had wavy hair...he just had to accept that it would never be.)

Otherwise, just wake up and don't comb it.
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Find a good stylist (meaning - probably expensive)and show them a picture. Once you have the shape, then it's all product. I would suggest a paste, something similar to Nolita Sheer Texturizer. Never be scared of product. It can give a bit of lift and shape without looking fake. Without product, I'm a peanut head. With a bit of product, my hair has lift and texture. Ever wonder why you don't see that horrible frizzy seventies hair anymore? Product.
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You need to be a New Zealander. We can all do it. It's something in the water, or maybe all the Fush and Chups we eat?

My hair looks a bit like his, I reckon. Sometimes. I think it's just a combination of length and a little natural curl at the end (I hate it in my hair).
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