Looking for the Japanese watch of my dreams
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I'm looking for this watch, designed by Naoto Fukazawa. It is NOT part of his collection for Issey Miyake, nor was it designed for ±0. I can't find any details about it beyond what's on the IDEO page, and I'm guessing my inability to google in Japanese might be the problem. Help!
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I have no idea where you can buy that but I would love to know myself!!
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You probably weren't getting hits because his family name is Fukasawa with an "S" not a "Z".

The watch was never intended for or put into production. It was a concept/prototype designed while he was at IDEO for a electronics in fashion exhibition "Without Thought, e-fashion" in Japan in 2001.

Additional info from this forum thread:
2001 at NTT InterCommunication Centre (ICC) in the Tokyo Opera City Tower, Fukasawa showcased, with IDEO, the LED Watch. A small rectangle block formed from co-injection moulded plastic with an embedded light-emitting diode (LED) panel, this wristwatch rests veiled within a blank slab. It isn’t until pressure is applied to a switch hidden in the band that numbers become illuminated, stacked with the numeric hour over the minute.
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If you like the minimalist LED watches, you may want to consider Rosendahl's WATCH II which is in production. ThinkGeek has it for $199.
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While not the watch in question, it looks very similar to Philippe Starck's watches designed for Fossil: see Google Image search for Fossil + Starck. Much more available and affordable.
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Thanks for the helpful input, everyone! I've seen the Starck and Rosendahl watches, but this one is special because it's off most of the time, and looks mostly like a stone set on a cloth band. Beautiful. That said, I think I'm going to buy the Rosendahl - unless I can figure out how to build a knockoff of this one!
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