turtle in chicago
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Turtle in Chicago

I want to get a turtle. Where's a good pet shop in Chicago that sells turtles? (I promise I will be a good turtle owner. Currently researching turtle care).
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quite simple:

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Are there any reptile or exotic animal expos coming to town anytime soon? I got my tortoise at one of those. You'll find a much wider selection of animals than you will at chain stores, and the animals are (usually) as well cared for as they would be at a local reputable pet store.
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This link might help with your turtle-care research.
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Happy Turtle is a great message board for turtle owners.
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Chicago has both the Chicago Turtle Club and the Chicago Herpetological Society. They should know some good local shops.
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For animal welfare reasons the done thing among turtle/tortoise enthusiasts in the UK is to buy your turtle/tortoise direct from a reputable breeder, rather than use a petshop. Message boards / forums have to be the way to go.
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