Please help identify this childhood book.
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Please help identify this childhood book. I'm 90% sure it was english, otherwise it could have been written in spanish. The book was wider than tall, probably 15" by 10", very colourful but dark and weird at the same time. The only page i remember is one where s the main character is walking through a cave or forest and all these very interesting animals/creatures looking at him. (I think there's also page with just eyes surrounding him in the dark). The creatures are oddly drawn and very interesting and it was scary if anything. I believe this was a hand-me-down but eitherway I had it late 80's early 90's. I know the details are vague but i'm just hoping someone out there can bring me to peace. Thankyou
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Could it be Where the Wild Things Are?
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i think you are talking about "where the wild things are."
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It wasn't Where the Wild Things Are, was it?
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome! :D... i don't know what to say, but THANKYOU!

This is the author for sure and i'm glad this guy is known about! I reconize the cover perfectly now but I believe I had another book done by the same auther. Eitherway i am overjoyed right now and I can't wait to show my sister.

Thanks again guys, and thankyou MetaFilter.. best $5 i've ever spent :)!
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Look for "Mickey and the Night Kitchen" also by Sendak, great illustrations of 1940s NYC made out of packages, household items, with Laurel and Hardy too! All of his books are classics of the imagination, beloved by kids and adults.

Hexatron's Wife
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You're in luck....It's also coming out as a movie next year. Take a look!
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