Flick-pliers? WANT!!!
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I was watching an old Mythbusters last night and Jamie had a multi-tool where the pliers sprung out like a flick knife. Not in a fold-back-the-handles way like my current one, but a spring loaded thing of beauty. WANT!!!
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Sorry, that's the way I answer kids when they see something and shout "WANT!!!"

Anyway, I think you're looking for these.
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(hint: google "spring-loaded pliers" and save your weekly question for asking about the meaning of life)
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thanks - my searching was returning many references to sprung opening pliers and thus I turned to you
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but then again, sadly no. After watching the video of the Gerber Suspension linked above, they too are butterfly opening - the spring loaded part of the name refers to the action of keeping the jaws apart. The ones I seek fling the jaws out from concealment inside the handle(s)
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I have a "multi-plier" that is not spring loaded, but will "flick" the pliers out when you sort of hold the handle loosely and flip them quickly in a short arc. It looks cool. Is this possibly what you want? It's a Gerber item I purchased some time ago, all metal.

It looks a little like this. here's more about it.

And yes, I have impressed people with its coolness before.
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A wide range of Gerber's multi-tools have this feature. The easiest way I've found to identify them is to look for the buttons on the handle. See the bottom left image in this picture for an example.

Also, Gerber isn't consistent with it, but you can usually look for "one-handed opening" in the feature list.
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I've used a pair of these before, where the pliers pop up like a switchblade knife. It certainly looks like Gerber is going to make something along the lines of what you want, at least...

Switchblade Plier deal-type things
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Yes, you want a Gerber multitool. You may have been deceived though. They're generally not actually spring loaded, you have to depress the button and give them a bit of a flick to propel the plier grips into the "ready" position. Still, with a couple days fooling around with it, you'll be flicking like a champ. The trick is not press the handles together while you're flicking it.
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yep, love my gerber multi-tool that slides out. so much easier to handle. one handed operation of pliers. a great feature.
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My company reps Gerber into Canada. Not sure I can be of too much assistance as you appear to be in the UK, but feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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Yes, Gerber, no, like raygan has said, not spring-loaded (afaik), but if you have a Gerber, you *have* to know how to flick them out so they seem such, and you *have* to flick them out for everything, even if you're just going to use the bottle-cap tool to open a beer.

Keep in mind that there are Gerber people and Leatherman people. Figure out which one you are before buying, because you're picking a side for life.

But definitely buy one; a good multi-tool is awesome, because it *almost* -- but not quite -- works for any job you can think of. Heck, I've used my Leatherman to pound nails when I couldn't locate my hammer. Don't buy knock-offs because they will break.
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Thanks all. I'm already a Gerber advocate. I currently use a Legend 800.

It looks like the Recoil is the model I'm after as linked to by ASoze.
But it's been discontinued [BOO].
But loads of places have it in stock [YAY].
There's a video of the action on YouTube

BUT - I'm sure the Mythbusters one had a swing-out rather than a pop-out action. I'll keep hunting
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My coworker has a Gerber Diesel, and the pliers sort of slide out with a little manipulation of the levers on the handles. You might try that.

(I'm a Leatherman person, so I can't be much more help, sadly.)
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