Affordable dinner in NYC?
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Help me find a nice BYOB restaurant in NYC for a 12-person celebration.

My sister's boyfriend is proposing to her on their vacation next week. (Exciting!) My job is to find a restaurant in Manhattan to celebrate when they get back next Sunday.

My dad is treating for 12 people... to save money for the future nuptials, we're trying to keep it affordable.

- Room for a party of 12 (private room a plus!)
- Preferably downtown

Suggestions? Advice?
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All the BYO places I know of downtown are tiny.
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I recently attended a 12-person celebration at La Sirene on Broome Street @ Varick. It was not a private room, but the whole (very small) restaurant booked for a private luncheon on a Sunday. The chef/owner is very charming and hospitable and the food was wonderful. There is no liquor license; you must BYOW(ine). The organizer told me the chef was great to work with, coming up with a menu for her budget, etc.
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get take out and have a picnic along the hudson
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