Charity Badge in Mediawiki?
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How to display a charity badge in mediawiki?

I'm working on an art project within a mediawiki instance, and I'd love to put up a page with a Network for Good donations badge in it. Just because, you know, good karma.

However, the Network for Good badges give you some embedding code that I can't get to work in the wiki. Can't figure out how to get the page to parse it as HTML, can't figure out how to rework the badge embedding code in wiki markup.

I also can't work out how to put the embedding code in here, but if somebody tells me how to mark it up so it shows up as text, I'll happily do so. All I get from the embedding code is it's somehow making the badge a Flash object, which... uh. Seems overkill.

Anyone know how to fix it, how to work around it, or have a suggestion for another way to use my powers for good?
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If you want to configure your MediaWiki installation to support embedded flash on the editable pages, you essentially have two choice:
  1. Install one of the MediaWiki extensions that supports flash, e.g. Extension:Flash, Extension:Flash_Extension, etc.
  2. ... or, use a simple hack to enable the HTML embed tag in your installation of MediaWiki.

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RichardP, your second choice totally rocks. Also it works easy as pie and totally fuss-free. Thank you, sir. I salute you.
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