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I want to buy a leather club chair. [more inside]

Something like this. My questions are:
  • How much should I expect to pay?
  • Should I get chair and ottoman, or a recliner? (I'm leaning toward a chair and not-necessarily-matching ottoman.)
  • Special bonus question: anyone know of a good place to get a chair like this in the Bay Area?
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You will find prices anywhere from less than a grand each (cost plus has a black, paris style one that's cheap but kinda shoddy worksmanship) to over three grand at a place like Crate and Barrel.

It took me about 3 months of searching far and wide. I had a shape in mind (sleeker than most, kinda art deco was ok) but the hardest part was finding the right arm height. I wanted to be able to use a laptop comfortably while sitting in one, and that took months to find. I wrote my first book while sitting in some at the U of San Francisco library, and they were perfect in every way, but I eventually found some that were pretty much the exact same dimensions and design.

I'd suggest getting a matching ottoman and depending on how picky you are you'll likely be looking everywhere. I found my chairs at a local portland modern furniture store that I never thought would have the perfect chair. I tried all the major furniture chains but couldn't find anything.

Oh -- in the bay area there's a good secret place to shop: the Macy's furniture overflow/seconds store. It's somewhere east of Palo Alto, almost to Hayward. You can definitely find huge deals there, with many chairs and sofas going for about half off.
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Mitchell Gold is very good for chairs too.
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Those are great chairs mathowie! I'm jealous -- we had to settle for a wicker rocking chair on sale. Someday . . . .

Do you have any idea what make or model they are?
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Nice link ag.
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If you are interested in an antique, ABC Home, at their store in Chelsea, has a whole floor of chairs and similar seating, mostly Craftsman and mid-century modern.
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I've got the Gatsby chair from World Market and I love it to death. It's roomy when you are in it, but small enough for an apartment. They have a new, bigger, squarer one this season too.
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I am partial to the Eames Lounge Chair; its a classic. Someday I will have a pair, but ouch, they run about $3k each with the ottoman.
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Wait, is that picture actually from mathowie's house?! Shit, and in the bay area? This metafilter thing must make bank!
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