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Is this soccer chant from a Sid the Sexist cartoon based on something real?

I saw this Sid the Sexist video in the early 1990's. Being American, and having no World Wide Web resources at that time, I didn't understand that Sid was referring to a controversial victory in the 1966 World Cup.

At about 3 minutes into the video Sid starts singing "4-2", again and again. I think it's set to the music of "Amazing Grace", but I'm not sure.

My question is this; Do English soccer fans really sing this? Perhaps when playing Germany? Is it based on "Amazing Grace"?
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yeah, it's pretty common for a team's supporters to chant the score like that, to the tune of amazing grace. of course you only do this if your side is winning. in general a lot of chants are sung to the tune of some well-known song - when the saints go marching in, etc.
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Yep. That 4-2 score is legendary. (It's the score from 1966 World Cup Final where we beat Germany.) And that song is standard football song fare. Change the numbers to two of your own choosing and have fun!
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(Oh, and its not unique to when we play Germany, although it is kind of "retro" as football songs go.)
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This might help you a little bit here : Footballchants.org

My personal favourite (because its my team) - was 'we love you freddie' found on this page (caution - some of the 'terrace language' is offensive) - sung to the tune of 'You're just to good to be true'

From other teams - my favourite chant is 'Giggs will tear you apart' to the tune of 'Love will tear you apart' by Joy Division.
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Farsley Celtic (non league northern team) have some great chants. "There's only one F in Farsley".

And Brighton and Hove Albion have a bit of a reputation for being gay, Brighton being the gay capital of the UK or something. So the standard anti-Brighton chant is "does your boyfriend know you're here" (yes, charming). Some of the responses are hilarious:
as you can see.
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I love football chants. Wished they had them in the states.

To understand the significance of 4-2, I suspect that not only could a lot of brits tell you when it happened based on you giving them the score alone, but also who scored the goals (Geoff Hurst got a hat-trick) and how (e.g. did the Russian linesman correctly rule his second goal over the line?), plus the last words of the commentary ("They think it's all over....it is now"). That's just off the top of my head without looking anything up.

Having done, that it looks like the commentary even has its own wikipedia page!
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s/brits/english/ there, idb.

My favourite is the Tartan Army's We're Shite and We Know We Are.
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You're right, scruss. My Scottish mum would correct me too, but I kind of figured that other brits have had to put up with the endless retellings so often that they probably know it too, even if it does drive them round the bend.
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