Tell me what year my bike was made
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Can you tell me what year my bike was made?

it's a specialized allez sport but i don't know what year it's from. here is a photo

i can post other photos if that will help you identify the year.

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I'm not smart enough to help you based on a photo (though someone here may well be), but I can tell you that checking the serial number is the usual way that this is done.
posted by pullayup at 8:25 PM on June 23, 2008 has an archive section. They change the paint scheme on their bikes every year. Yours greatly resembles my boyfriend's 2002 Allez Sport , although the colors do not match. You can probably verify this by seeing if the technical specs match up (assuming there are original components on the bike).
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oh! one other way I know it's a pre-2003 bike is because Specialized started putting carbon forks on their Allez sport after this time. Looks like your fork is aluminum.
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That fork is NOT aluminum. Why on earth would you think it's aluminum?

It's a Kinesis carbon fork. Shifters look like 9-speed 105 as does the derailleur. The crankset is throwing me off a little - it looks like an older 8-speed Shimano? Or maybe even 7-speed? Probably though it's just a Specialized house brand.

Anyway, the bike is definitely 2002 or 2003. Those forks were sourced by several manufacturers back then - Jamis in particular used them. I had one on my 2003 Quest with a 105 9-speed group.
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Black doesn't mean carbon, my friend.. although the sport gained a Carbon Kinesis fork in 2002+.

Looks like it's a 2001: Bikepedia.

Your seat looks painfully oriented.
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Yes, please lower the nose of your saddle. Makes my area hurt just looking at it.
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If you don't get a conclusive answer here, and for whatever reason don't want to go the serial-number route, this is probably the kind of question that your LBS (provided they're a longtime Specialized dealer) can help you with.

There's probably a guy standing around your local shop drinking coffee, right now, who knows the answer to this question off the top of his head.
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thanks everyone this is perfect!
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Well, if it's anything like the specialized allez sport I have in the basement, it would indeed be an aluminum fork. Unless it just says "enhanced aluminum alloy" for no reason. So, um yeah, THAT's why I would think it's an aluminum fork.
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