Any software auditing software for OS X?
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Are there any free, good software auditing programs/suites for OS X?

I would like to easily keep track of software and licenses of that software (MS office, adobe CS3/2, Textmate, etc) on a network of OS X computers. The only thing I can think of that would be remotely similar would be belarc advisor, unfortunately it's only for windows based computers.
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I think we use a product called Sassafras at my work.
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You could routinely run an AppleScript or Automator action that would save the contents of the "Software" section of System Profiler and then throws that on an SMB share of a networked computer. This lists all installed software on a user's system and the version of it. You could then import this into a FileMaker database or what have you and attach it to the serial number or licenses for that particular system/user.
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See, MS office doesn't like telling your your product key. However, if you use belarc advisor, I believe that it does tell you what the product key is.

We've got a bunch of computers running MS Office, and even more licenses of MS office... so I would like to know which computers are registered with which license.
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