I can't see any Google pages after I log in to my GOogle account
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What is wrong with my Google login? Recently my Google sign-in has been acting strange. Whenever I access a service that needs a login (such as my iGoogle page, Gmail, but not Google Reader), all I see at the end is a blank page. There are no error messages, etc.

The status bar shows "Done"
and sometime I have seriously long URLs (such as https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?continue=http://www.google.com/ig&followup=http://www.google.com/ig&service=ig&passive=true&cd=US&hl=en&nui=1&ltmpl=default
OR https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?continue=http://www.google.com/ig&followup=http://www.google.com/ig&service=ig&passive=true&cd=US&hl=en&nui=1&ltmpl=default.
Other strange URLs are http://www.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=69569&ctx=sibling&topic=13922
and https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth?service=mail.

I can't remember making any change to network settings that would have brought this on.

Things I've tried (usually several times and in various combnations):
1. emptying the cache
2. deleting all temporary files
3. using Firefox in safe mode (all add-ons disabled)
4. re-installing Firefox (several times)
5. Deleting cookies
6. Checking my "accept cookies" status and accepting all
7. Using IE7
8. Using browsers on another computer on my home network

My sister can log in to my Google account on her computer located in another house.

I'm thinking it's my router?
I'm using Windows XP SP3 all updated, etc. and Firefox 3.

Things I haven't tried, but I'm about to:
1. Reinstalling Windows
2. Clearing my router settings
3. Buying a new router
3. Committing suicide (just joking).

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Just one more thing, maybe related.
It's become common for some web pages to load 50%-90% and then just hang indefinitely. No error messages, no nothing. Although unlike the Google pages, the status bar does not say "Done."
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1. Try a computer outside your network.
2. Reset router to factory settings.
3. Think of any google preference changes you may have done

Write back...tell me your progress.
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Hi. Thanks -- you're a genius!

Resetting the router did it.
You gave me the confidence to reset the router settings.
Since I had help setting it up the first time, even though I had backed up the settings, I was very nervous about resetting, because I didn't really understand them.

I had already done #1 - my sister could connect.

Thanks again.
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I think this was an issue with Google.

Last night I had the same problem exactly with everything Google from my Google Toolbar, but was able to get through if I went to my iGoogle from my bookmark bar first. Today everything is back to normal.
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