Best "make your own t-shirt" companies?
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Which are the best of the "design your own design t-shirt" companies (ie Zazzle etc)? I have some ideas that I want to sell to others

I'm in the UK so they must be able to transfer royalties to me. No, I'm not expecting to make much money. It's just a bit of fun.
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I use Printfection.
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By transfer royalties, I'm assume you're meaning that they market and sell the shirt on your behalf? Depending on how good of a designer/illustrator you are there is always Threadless and Designbyhumans for high end type stuff, but it is competitive entry, so your design has to be voted to be sent to print. On the other end of stuff, there is vanity printing like Redbubble or Cafepress. I haven't actually worked with any of the above, but I have no reason to doubt that they could transfer money to you in the UK.

In my experience with that kind of thing though, it is often easier to get it printed locally at a screen printer then sell it to friends and through networks, the turn over and quality from the one-at-a-time printing services has never really appealed to me.
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As an experienced shirt-smith myself, I can say from my personal history Spreadshirt is the best of these companies. But that assumes your designs will be do-able within the bounds of their plot printing system.
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Seconding Spreadshirt. I've been through a couple large-ish online projects which revolved around tees, and those were printed and sold by Spreadshirt - one of them specifically with the branch - and found them to be really quick and dependable. Plus, the tees are really good quality.
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I use Bountee. Nice quality shirts, and they're UK-friendly.
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