What in the tammershand is a "Scot Burger"?
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My mother was reminiscing about food she enjoyed as a youngster/young adult and she mentioned a "burger chain that had a 'Scot Burger'" that somehow involved some craziness that sounds a whole lot like coleslaw but made with Green Goddess dressing. She swears it is not Green Goddess dressing, per se, but could be similar. My google-fu has turned out the link above, but fails me as to the exact make up of the alleged "Scot burger". Please help!
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"Big Scots are dressed with 1/8 oz. of onion, 1 ounce of cabbage, and 1 ounce of Big Scot sauce."*
But trying to find even a description of Big Scot sauce has me stymied.
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S'truth. Curious, too, that for all of the nostalgia people express for the Big Scot, they never really paint a complete picture. The most I've found suggests that it was a mayo-based "secret" sauce. Would've thought that if it were green goddess-like, filled with parsley and green onions, someone might have mentioned it. Apparently a much-beloved sauce, though.
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