Where can I find a car database?
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Where can I find a database of American cars?

I need a database of American cars that includes make, model, and year for a web application. I want to build drop down menus that let people choose their car like you see on Kelly Blue Book, Consumer Reports, and dozens of other sites. Is there a standard database that powers these menus?
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Best answer: Well, these guys sell one. You could always scrape one, of course, and it might even be semi-kosher to scrape it from the EPA.
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Response by poster: I was hoping to find more options, but I haven't yet.

Just to follow up, I went with the sweypro database. The EPA data only goes back to 1985 and sweypro goes back to the 1800's. Plus the database has some nice extra data about the cars that could be helpful down the road. Thanks for the pointer uncleozzy.
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