Learning how to troubleshoot T-Carrier equipement
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I'm looking for some good books and other resources about troubleshooting T-carrier problems at the DS1 and DS3 level.

I work for an incumbent local telephone company and have a lot of experience fixing 5ESS switch software, hardware, and related customer problems. Prior to that I climbed telephone poles and did all kinds of installations and repairs.

Now my employer has handed me a T-BERD and expects me to troubleshoot CXR problems with almost no training or support. I need some quick way to learn the practical aspects of isolating problems and fixing these circuits. I understand the theory pretty well, so I'm not looking for books about that or the engineering aspects.

I'd also love to know if there is a good newsgroup or forum where I can ask some dumb questions once in awhile.

Thank you.
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Did you try references on the wikip page, especially this book.

Some other links from a quick google search that _might_ help:
Additional Reading links on: http://safari.ibmpressbooks.com/0789725452/ch10lev1sec3
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