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Halo Mac: where are all the game servers?

After playing Halo on my PC for years, I decided to get a copy of Halo for Mac (iMac 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo). I installed it from a CD that I bought used on ebay, then downloaded and installed the universal binary. It's build

When I look for game servers, it finds only a small fraction of the number of servers that I find on Windows. All the game servers I see on my Mac are apparently also present in Windows. I even joined a server from both computers at the same time to confirm that it's not exclusive. Gameplay is fine, although I need to tweek the graphics.

It's not an issue of being banned, since servers one is banned from still show up in the server list. I know this all too well.
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You need to upgrade Halo. There's a 1.5.2 update that fixes lots of bugs.

You should also join, which is Mac centric, and ask this question there.
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Response by poster: There's a 1.5.2 update that fixes lots of bugs.

That did it.

Now, what can you do about the noobs?
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Look for the admins on and ask them. There's an older set of Halo players floating around there, but I'm old too and have forgotten their names.
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