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Where should I travel in January, February and March, climate-wise?

I'm going to have a few months free early next year, and I'd like to take the opportunity to do a bit of extended travel.

Given that there are few places in the world I'm NOT interested in seeing, it seemed like one good way to narrow my options would be to try to find the places that will be having good weather when I'm there. My experience in Nepal and India during the monsoon season a few years ago convinced me that it might be a good idea to take climate into account in planning future trips.

What I mean by good weather: Sunny, warm days and cool nights is what I'm going for. No torrential downpours. I enjoy a good daily afternoon shower, but nothing that will wash out all the mountain roads or make trekking impossible. Nothing sub-freezing, anything above the forties is ok by me, but 70s and 80s would be ideal. On the other hand, it'd be nice to avoid the Delhi in July experience I had, where I would wake up in the middle of the night, wondering if I had malaria because 44C heat is so oppressive.

I'm also looking for less-expensive places - I'll have about US$30/day to spend on the basics, and I'm a good budget traveler. For reference, I spent about $15/day when I was in Asia five years ago, and about $25/day in Central America three years ago.

I've already been to:

Northen India

Also, please feel free to tell me about your travel experiences in any of the places you recommend!
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I'd go to the southern hemisphere, but not too far south.
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Could check out Portugal. Not too cold, not too hot at that time.
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Belize is nice that time of year; sunny and hot but not humid, and if you're on an island (I like Caye Caulker) or near the water you'll always have a nice cool breeze to keep the bugs away. $30US is $60BZE, and you could live like a king off that.
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The Yucatan in Mexico is nice then, and awful in the real summer. Spring break!!!! Woo!!!
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New Zealand! I was there January through March, and it was mostly in the mid-70's every day, with afternoon showers here and there. I've found it to be very suitable for traveling on a budget, as there are tons of safe, clean hostels and decent transportation. Plus, it's generally gorgeous and has fun stuff to do no matter what you're interested in (sports, wine, anthropology, etc...).
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Hm, Portugal and NZ are two places I'd thought of, but are they really cheaper than US$30/day?
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If you have a place to stay and aren't a big drinker, Portugal sure can be. Depending on your personality, plans, and availability, you might look into couchsurfing, WWOOF, or working-at-hostel-in-exchange-for-a-bed options. (Can't say anything about New Zealand.)

Overall, I'd add some more South American options to your list, especially Uruguay. Brazil's lovely but not so cheap, and Argentina is in the middle, price-wise. Uruguay is just a lovely forgotten little country that has most of what Argentina does but without all the tourists (so, cheap steak, dulce de leche, rolling hills, tango, super-friendly people. There are no glaciers or mountains, however.) I had a giant single room in a Montevideo hostel (so, not apartment) for US$20/night. $10/day is definitely enough to enjoy the rest of life on, there, and I'm sure for a longer stay you'd be looking at a much better rate for accomodations.
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Personally, I'd head to Costa Rica. This time of year is the "dry" season.
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