Which pr0n movies are your favorite?
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Inspired by this thread, I find myself wondering, which pr0n movies are your favorite?
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Okay, I'll admit it: Two-Lane Blacktop, Eat My Dust, Corvette Summer,
Gone in 60 Seconds, and yeah, even The Fast and the Furious are among-

-oh, wait. You mean People pr0n, don't you? Nevermind.
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I don't know that I can name a favorite, but I can definitely name the first two I ever saw:

Miss 21st Century
The Cocketeer

Does Boogie Nights count? It was about porn. That film is fabulous.
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not my favorite, but best title: "Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy"
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Not unsurprisingly, "Edward Penishands." Has to be seen to be believed.
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My five all-time fave adult flicks:

Zazel: The Scent of Love (1997)
Taboo 2 (1981)
Models (dir. Kris Kramski)
Fashionistas (2002)
Chameleons: Not the Sequel (1992)


Ancient Secrets Of The Kama Sutra (1997)
Andrew Blake's Wet
Barbara Broadcast (1977, dir: Henry Paris)
Buttman's European Vacation (1990)
Behind the Green Door (1972)
Barely Legal #1 (1999)
Cafe Flesh (1982)
Debbie Does Dallas (1978)
Dog Walker (dir. John Leslie)
Eruption (1977)
Flashpoint (1998) w. Jenna Jameson
Insatiable (1980) w. Marilyn Chambers
Immortal (2001)
Island Fever (2001) w. Tera Patrick
Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 (1992)
Night Trips (1989, dir: Andrew Blake)
New Wave Hookers (1985)
Nothing to Hide (1981)
Private: Millennium (1999)
Porno X (dir. Kris Kramski)
Reel People
Sex World (1978)
Sex (1995, dir. Michael Ninn)
Secrets (1991, dir. Andrew Blake)
Satyr (1996)
Shock (1997)
Talk Dirty to Me (1980)
Taboo 1 (1980)

and anything by the following directors:

Kris Kramski
John Leslie
Andrew Blake

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Because we all know..the direction is critical in pr0n. Just kidding jd, that's quite a list!
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Direction actually is critical, yeah. I recommend Kramski in particular; a porn director who rejects a lot of the adult biz BS.
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Behind the Green Door, hands down. Runner up: Pussy Talk, I think it's called. All about a woman whose pussy comes to life and demands more sex. Features disturbing scene with Pinocchio doll. Older is definitely better; the people look more real.
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"Ladies of The Blue"
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Asked and answered.
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Word up, dame! Behind the Green Door is classic!.
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Tera, Tera, Tera is currently my favorite, because it has Evan Senfeld. I thought I saw enough of him in OZ, but now I've seen everything...
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I'll second Cafe Flesh. That really blew me away when I saw it. Not to mention it was really damned hot as well.

And Behind The Green Door I think I heard too much hype about before I saw it. If you're going to go see it, go now, before you start hearing a million raves about it.
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Probably Chasing the Big Ones #16, Anal Sluts #4, Stop! My Ass is On Fire (the entire series is fabu) and American Bukkake #7.
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you'd probably get a better response, asking for fave prOn sites. videos/dvds don't really have the same impulse appeal as their internet counterparts.

that said, coast to coast plumpers, scene 1 (i know nothing of the other scenes)
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I most prefer the more amateur, unscripted ones. My favs were the Nasty Nypho series.
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lotsofno, they've already had that thread: http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/4173
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Well, whadda ya know - a little porn is "good for you".
And, following what pie said, I just remember the first adult movie I ever saw unscrambled on cable was "The Story of O".
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I have found that most people enjoy and are turned on by "Suck it and See". Good-looking dutch folks and equal time for both sexes. I find 70's porn kind of depressing (something about all that wood paneling in all those grubby basements), and the serious lack of short-haired punk chix makes most current porn kind of bleagh. I eagerly await the future of porn.
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