Website for standard home routers for the less IT inclined?
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I'm an IT guy. I have a dad who's less than brilliant with setting up routers, using routers, and "what the hell are they for anyway?" I'd love to spend hours telling him, but is there a site that shows a good generic way to set up standard home routers?
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Just tell him they can split your internet connection without paying having to pay any extra, and can protect him from hackers if properly implemented. If you're putting in a wireless one, add that the magic pixies send the information through the ether. Failing that, how about this one: Simple Routers. Good luck, explaining these things to my parents makes me want to tear my hair out.
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I have sent folks to practically networked before and it has been pretty helpful. Poke around there and I bet you can find a page that fits your needs.
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if you've got good/friendly/helpful tech support from your isp, they could probably talk him through it.
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Just explain that he needs a router that supports BGP if he wants to multi-source his internet access. If he doesn't need a T1, SDSL to back up the T1, cable modem to back up the SDSL, and a pair of dial-up lines to back up the cable-modem, then anything the dude at CompUSA recommends will be fine.

Oh, and make sure he gets a router with dual redundant power supplies, and UPSes for each.
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No help with the setup, but --

"what the hell are they for anyway?"
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