What is the tune I can't remember?
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Help me remember name of 1994 mainstream (super popular) dance track.

I'm jonesing to hear an old house anthem. I remember spinning with it in 94/95, and sure it had 'bomb' in the title. A huge tune for the dance scene, I'll probably remember it in the morning, but I'm gonna test the hive and see if someone can nail it. Then I'll find it online and hammer it until I go to bed. I can actually picture the release I played (dark purple label) but other than that I am super-blocked.
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Would it be "The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)" by The Bucketheads?
posted by Madamina at 7:45 PM on June 13, 2008

Do you have a way to hum it maybe and post a wav or something somewhere? I've had good luck doing that over on the Digitally Imported Forum.
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Or just wait until Madamina nails it....
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Was it The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) by the Bucketheads? 1995 Music video.
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Or what Madamina said!
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You need to describe it more than just "has bomb in the title". What's it sound like?

Some searching found: The Bucketheads and Ramirez

I kind of want to say Bomb the Bass even though that's not the song title.
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Response by poster: nailed by madamina and props to Big_B . thanks. i googlefu'd like a madman but 'bomb' and 'house' turns up federal agents at your doorstep.... as well as a thousand irrelevant hits...

PS - I just got an email from a friend sending me to www.DI.fm. a good resource for anyone who wants to stream good dance music. although I'm currently wondering why the breaks channel is playing euro- techno-....?
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I do love a good hunting challenge :) Keep 'em coming, folks!
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Response by poster: ok, here's one. old school hardcore. probably around 1992/3. label was white and had a cooll pic of a helmeted guy and had FLYTE printed on it. minimilast hardcore. not drum and bassy at all.
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Dammit now I've spent a half an hour listening to all kinds of old cheese. Thanks a lot, jerk!
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Response by poster: amendment to above, drum and bass tunes bound to be present
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Response by poster: found. and it's more jungle than dnb
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Flyte Records
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