Tracking stolen ipod and laptop possible?
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Our house has been robbed. Some of the things they took were an 867mhz G4 laptop and a 80gb iPod classic. Is there any way to trace or find out if and when those devices attempt to get online again? And for future reference, is there anything we could do with such electronic devices so that they attempt to phone home or some such if stolen?
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If you had a chat client or automated mail synchronization installed on the laptop, it might be possible to request the IP address information from the service.
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Gadgettrak has versions for Windows, Macs and USB devices (including iPods). Notification by email and twitter with video, ISP and wireless access points. Works fine on each in my (limited) testing.
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I'm pretty sure you can report the serial numbers (if you know them) to apple, and if the robbers attempt to take them in for tech support, apple will hold them. I hope you get your shit back, I feel your pain. Keep tabs on craigslist and ebay for the stuff.
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To your second question, there is Undercover for Macs.
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Check out some of the local pawn shops when you have some time over the next few days and see if you can find any items that look like yours (the iPod in particular as that's an item thieves hope to make a quick buck of off and which pawn shop owners would happily buy from them). This was one of the handiest pieces of advice the police gave me in the wake of me being robbed.

The trick though is not letting the pawn shop owner know you think an item they have was stolen from you. If you see an item you think is yours, quietly call the police without the owner seeing you do that and ask them to make a trip to the shop. Once there, then you can make the owner aware of the items history. With the police there he'll feel more compelled to tell you who sold it to him.
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For mac that application is Delicious Library
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Former Apple employee speaking... Apple will not take reports of stolen equipment, or get involved in such matters in any way. Too much liability.
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If you've got an IP, you can go to here and find out which provider/company it's registered to, then take that information to the police. They can contact the folk in question, and request more info, like a physical location.
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...Be sure to click the [Who is] button and print that out as well. Best of luck!
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